Moe Fakih, Vice President of VCA Green, gave an enlightening seminar about California’s Green Building Standards Code (Part 11 of Title 24), otherwise known as CALGreen. This free seminar, hosted by Southern California Edison, covers a variety of topics concerning CALGreen, such as the inspiration for the code, similar acts of environmental conservation efforts by the government, and a complete walkthrough of CALGreen and what it entails.

As a highly qualified professional in sustainability measures, Moe went into great detail about the nature of the code and why it’s necessary in a modern society. By offering real examples from his own line of work, he explains that the code is designed not just for environmental preservation but for human productivity and happiness as well. The seminar explains that when the standards for waste management, indoor air quality, and other building practices are clear and enforced, people will be healthier, happier, and more efficient in their daily lives.

Furthermore, the seminar included a discussion of the challenges in complying with CALGreen standards, such as the mandatory measures for residential and non-residential buildings, the Tier I & Tier II tracks exclusive to CALGreen, and what actually triggers the need for CALGreen standards in addition/alteration projects. There are many tips offered throughout the seminar about how to properly address the concerns of the State of California and its municipalities, like the required forms and information needed for plan check submittals. CALGreen can be complicated, but Moe makes it easy to understand, and any building professional working in California shouldn’t miss this opportunity to enrich their knowledge within their craft.

If you would like to attend one of VCA Green’s sustainability seminars, you can find the next available date and location on Southern California Edison’s website here:

For any and all services related to green building consulting and commissioning from VCA Green, you can contact Moe Fakih directly at or 714-363-4700.

Contributed by Burke Boydell