Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) is an optional program offered by Southern California Edison that allows businesses to receive significantly lower prices in the summer (June 1 – September 30). Lower summer rates are given in exchange for higher prices throughout 12 designated CPP events during the year. These events typically happen on non-holiday weekdays between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. and are generally triggered by extreme or unusual spikes in temperature. For example, if a business typically pays a summer rate of $0.41/kWh and they decide to enroll in CPP for the following year, their new rate could be reduced to $0.30/kWh for this 4-month time period. However, if a CPP event was called, their rates on these specific days would rise to $0.80/kWh during the hours of 4p.m. – 9p.m.

Businesses can sign up for notifications with SCE, and will be given a 1-day notice before the CPP event is scheduled to happen. During the event, businesses can take full advantage of CPP by lowering their energy use through the following:

  • Reduce production or shift production to off-peak hours
  • Turn off all nonessential lighting, electric signage, fountains, and office equipment
  • Raise cooling thermostats to 78°F
  • Install programmable smart thermostats and daylighting controls
  • Shut down unoccupied facilities, rooms, and vending machines
  • Unplug batter chargers and ensure battery operated equipment is charged prior to the event

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Contributing Writer: Alina Bonto, LEED Green Associate