In 2019, USGBC released LEED v4.1, the newest version of the LEED green building program. LEED v4.1 takes into account challenges encountered with v4 and provides solutions through updates to performance thresholds and reference standards. If a project team is struggling with v4.0 credits, USGBC gives registered v4 projects the opportunity to upgrade credits to v4.1.

For example, v4 BD+C project teams that decide to upgrade LTc8 Green Vehicles to v4.1’s “Electric Vehicles” can designate 6% of parking spaces as EV ready and easily achieve the credit instead of the original requirement to designate 5% preferred parking and install EV Charging Stations for 2% of the project’s total parking. LEED v4 Homes project teams that choose to pursue v4.1 for IEQc7 Low-Emitting Products have higher point thresholds at 4 points instead of the original 3, can qualify for 1 exemplary performance point which was not previously available, and can take advantage of the lowered 90% to 75% product compliance threshold.

The project team is ultimately given the freedom to go “a la carte” and customize LEED in a way that is beneficial to their certification goals. Upgrading to select v4.1 credits also enhances the living experience of occupants while staying within the project’s budget. Utilizing this option allows project teams to prepare for future USGBC updates and remain several steps ahead of conventional building industry standards.

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Contributing Writer: Alina Bonto, LEED AP BD+C