With an emphasis on resort-style living and sustainability, Luce Apartments offers the opportunity to indulge in a sophisticated lifestyle that is environmentally responsible.

When developing the Luce Apartments, developer Monogram Residential sought to deliver residents a glamorous living space with upscale amenities and close proximity to retail and restaurants. The complex is located in Huntington Beach, CA and is comprised of 510 resort-style units ranging from 601 to 1,542 square feet, conserving resources by increasing density. With Bella Terra Mall, a significant collection of retail places, within walking distance from the site, and a plethora of business and office space within a 5 mile buffer, residents have simplified access to shopping and potential employment.

Why the Developer Chose GreenPoint Rated?

Certifying more homes than any other residential certification in California, GreenPoint Rated is a desirable credential that pledges the Luce Apartments to be more environmentally sustainable and comfortable to occupants.

Offering improvements in energy use, indoor air quality, resource management and water conservation, GreenPoint Rated takes into consideration a multitude of conventional building designs and modifies them to create a healthier living space that also saves resources. This seal also distinguishes the Luce Apartments from other complexes that are not GreenPoint Rated certified to improve market desirability.

Sustainable Site

An emphasis was placed on reducing heat build-up in developed areas, reducing air conditioning loads, and reducing production of ground-level smog. This is accomplished through features such as light-colored hardscape materials with a Solar Reflectance value of 0.3, pervious concrete or paving, or open-grid paving systems for at least 50% of the total impervious area such as driveways, walkways, and patios. Additionally, the majority of residential parking is located in a wrapped parking structure, minimizing the heat absorption that can be caused by parking lot asphalt.

Energy Efficiency

The Luce Apartments exceeds California standards for energy use by more than 15%. A significant contributing factor of this value is the use of high-efficiency HVAC systems, R-19 and R-30 insulation on the envelope, low-E windows, ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures and appliances, and an energy recovery ventilator unit and/or whole building ventilation system in each dwelling unit. Meeting or exceeding Title 24 2008 mandatory lighting requirements, lighting fixtures were selected to provide a balance between occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality

Considering that residents are likely to spend the majority of their time inside, an emphasis of the GreenPoint Rated system is to improve indoor air quality. This is accomplished through methods such as the use of ENERGY STAR bathroom exhaust fans which assist in moisture control, eliminating odors, and reducing potentially harmful fumes throughout the unit.

Other methods taken to achieve better indoor air quality were the use of indoor finishes with less off-gassing. This was achieved by specifying low-VOC sealants and adhesives, plus cabinets and countertops that meet CARB standards for reduction of formaldehyde emissions. CARB applicable products include hardwood plywood, particleboard, and MDF. These products meet Indoor Air quality standards and offer better respiratory comfort. Finally, exposed concrete flooring throughout corridors and durable flooring within each unit assist in reducing the spread of outdoor contaminants throughout the home.

Materials and Resources

Cooperating with the City of Huntington Beach, Luce Apartments aimed to divert and/or recycle 65% of all construction generated waste from landfills. To encourage the diversion of waste during operation, dual-trash chutes are located on each level for resident recycling vs. landfill separation.

Water Efficiency

With regard to both indoor and outdoor water use, water fixtures and irrigation controllers were selected to reduce water consumption, while still meeting residential and landscape water demands.

Indoor water appliances include ENERGY STAR dishwashers and CEE-Rated clothes washers.

Drought-tolerant and/or native and adaptive plant species that require minimal turf area, fertilizers and pesticides to thrive were carefully selected. Landscape water demands are met through a high-efficiency drip irrigation system where water gallons per hour (gph) are specific to hydrozones throughout the site.

Community and Living Green

With Bella Terra Mall and various bus stops within walking distance of Luce Apartments, residents have simplified access to retail and public transportation. To encourage walking and bicycle use, long-term bicycle storage both in amenities and dwelling units is provided for a minimum of 15% of the total number of residents. For vehicle owners, select parking spots are equipped with electric vehicle charging, which provide preferred parking spaces and aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, various tenant-serving amenities promote onsite engagement and offer residents alternatives to driving offsite for some of their daily activities. Amenities include two pools, multiple courtyards, clubhouse, and a fitness room.


The Luce Apartments offer living spaces that combine elegance and sustainability. Special consideration was given to the overall design to enhance visual appeal while minimizing environmental impact. These modifications not only enhance the aesthetics of the apartments and reduce harm done to the environment, but can also lower overall living cost and increase desirability in the housing market.

Facility Type New Home Multifamily
Facility Size 8.55 acres
Number of Units 510
Location Huntington Beach, CA
GreenPoint Rated Certification Level Gold


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