As I reflect on 2011, I am in awe about how far CALGreen has come. 2011 began with so many questions about CALGreen, and over the past year, we gained much clarity. Although many questions remain, I hope that my newsletters and seminars have helped you gain insight and understanding about CALGreen as well as confidence in adopting and adhering to its measures.

Continuing my efforts to deliver CALGreen information to the public, I want to share my latest whitepaper with you. I hope you find this whitepaper helpful and informative. If you have other burning questions like this, please share your thoughts with me. Your thoughts may become my next whitepaper topic.

My new whitepaper is titled, Passive House Design and the Building Code.

Passive House Design and the Building Code
During the next eight years, building and energy codes will be transformed to achieve legislative goals established by several enacted bills:

  • AB 758, established energy objectives for existing buildings;
  • AB 32, codified the 2020 GHG emission reductions targeted into law;
  • AB 1109, established minimum energy efficiency standards for all general purpose lighting;
  • AB 1560, requires the CEC to provide regulation for water efficiency in new residential and commercial buildings, and the 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) established the goal that new building standards achieve “net zero energy” levels by 2020 for residences and by 2030 for commercial buildings.

The State has established a code development schedule that will culminate with building and energy codes mandating constructed homes built after January 1, 2020 to be NZE.

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Do You Have a Question About CALGreen?

As I have always stated in my newsletters and seminars, I want to share information and help whenever I can. With that thought, I am currently developing new seminars covering various topics including new CALGreen amendments. These seminars will be held in the coming months.

Private Seminars and Commissioning
Over the next several months, I am presenting private seminars to various architectural firms to help them meet the challenges of the new code. Also, I am receiving many inquiries about commissioning services. If you are interested in any of these services, please contact me for additional information.

On a parting note, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and joyous new year. My new year resolution is to build upon my work to help you learn about CALgreen, so please let me know how CALGreen compliance is going for you. I am here to provide assistance.

Warm Wishes,

Charles “Russ” Russell
VCA Green