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Energy Auditing – ASHRAE

VCA Green possesses 30 years of existing building energy engineering experience. We identify low- and no-cost measures that deliver immediate savings to owners and tenants alike, savings that can help your current budget or be reinvested in energy saving projects for greater gains in the future.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) audits and energy assessments analyze a building’s energy usage and identify where energy can be saved. VCA Green’s audits identify potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) and other improvements for further consideration and include an initial assessment detailing costs and estimated return on investment (ROI). We also can produce biddable scopes of work, enabling you to act immediately upon the information we provide you.

The purpose of Energy Audits is to document current operating conditions and energy costs and identify improvements that result in energy savings and operational efficiencies. VCA Green provides seasoned professional engineers and certified technicians who are well versed in building code, design, construction, and operations efficiency techniques. We present actionable measures that will result in cost saving improvements focused on meeting the customer’s operating and financial goals.

ASHRAE has documented three levels of effort in performing Energy Audits:

  • Walk Through Analysis (ASHRAE Level 1) – This is a walkthrough assessment of a building’s energy efficiency. The report analyzes annual data to identify and provide savings and cost estimates of low-cost/no-cost measures. It lists potential future measures, checks current rate structure, and lists available rebates. This level of effort is typically repeated or refreshed in 2- to 5-year increments to help preserve efficient operation. A Level 1 Audit is extremely beneficial to facility operating personnel.
  • Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis (ASHRAE Level 2) – This involves a more complete building survey and energy analysis utilizing monthly, daily, or even hourly data and may include an energy model. It breaks down the energy use by building system to target highest value measures. The analysis lists all practical measures that meet the owner’s economic goals and constraints as well as effects on operation and maintenance. It includes a list of other improvement measures that may require further investigation or analysis based on an initial judgment of potential costs and savings. This level of effort is typically performed in the development of a 5- or 10-year capital or renovation plan. It can also help secure financing and/or rebates under certain circumstances with utility providers.
  • Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications (ASHRAE Level 3) – Sometimes called an Investment Grade Audit, this is the most comprehensive and accurate type of ASHRAE audit. It involves detailed data gathering technology and techniques, energy analysis depth that typically requires energy modeling, and cost targets produced from preliminary designs and contractor-provided estimates for the specific property rather than generic industry estimates. Data logging, ultrasonic metering, infrared heat scanning, and combustion analysis are typical techniques used. The report includes facility background, costs, and savings information in detail adequate for owners or financial institutions to budget for or invest in the suggested measures with confidence.

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