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GreenPoint Rated Consulting

VCA Green serves as a GreenPoint Rater on existing and new construction multifamily housing. Build It Green, located in Oakland, California, administers the GreenPoint Rated system. Depending on how many points a project earns, a project will earn either Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum certification.  Most projects built in CA are well aligned with the GreenPoint Rated scorecard, and with close coordination with the design team, higher certification levels such as Silver or Gold are achievable.

Tailored for residential projects, GreenPoint Rated is an approved third party rating system for California tax incentive programs and is required by several California cities to fulfill green building ordinances. VCA Green provides full GreenPoint Rated compliance from design through construction. VCA Green is able to assist with New Home and Existing Home certifications.

The GreenPoint Rated program has 15 building categories. A summary of the credits or electives include:

1. Sites – Project location, recycling policies, heat island impacts and storm water control.

2. Foundation – Recycled content in concrete, radon resistance, foundation drainage and structural pest controls.

3. Landscape – Types of plants (such as native and adaptive) to minimize water consumption, high efficiency irrigation system, smart irrigation controllers, submetering for water, reduced light pollution, community garden.

4. Structural Frame and Building Envelope – Value engineering regarding structural design (easier for single family projects), engineered lumber, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Wood, energy heels, overhangs that block solar heat gain, reduced garage pollutants, and pest and moisture control.

5. Insulation – Recycled and low emission insulation that do not contain fire retardants.

6. Plumbing – Efficient hot water distribution, water efficient fixtures, pre-plumbing for greywater system, operational greywater system, regulating valves and submetering tenants.

7. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning – Sealed combustion units, high performing zoned hydronic radiant heating, sealed duct work, ENERGY STAR bath fans, whole house mechanical ventilation, high performing HVAC filters (MERV 13).

8. Renewable Energy – Pre-plumbing for solar hot water, future photovoltaics, onsite renewable generation, net zero energy home, energy storage.

9. Building Performance and Testing – Quality Insulation Installation (QII), HVAC airflow testing, combustion appliance safety testing, performance energy modeling, ENERGY STAR for Homes, blower door testing (HERS).

10. Finishes – Entryways designed to limit dirt intrusion, zero VOC paints, low VOC caulks & adhesives, environmentally friendly shelving, doors & counters where these products come from rapidly renewable sources or have recycled content, reduced formaldehyde emissions, durable cabinets, environmental product declarations (EPD).

11. Flooring – Environmentally preferred, low emitting, durable and thermal mass flooring.

12. Appliances and Lighting – ENERGY STAR appliances, efficient clothes washers, occupant recycling options, lighting efficiency, EV charging, gearless elevators.

13. Community – Smart Development within infill sites, located next to mass transit, pedestrian access to parks and retail as well as access to bike paths, social interaction spaces, adaptable building to ADA standards, affordability, mixed use applications.

14. Other – Add GreenPoint rated checklist in construction plan set, pre-construction meeting, occupant training, green appraisal addendum, discounted rail/bus passes, tobacco free building and more.

15. Design Considerations – Acoustical noise control, mixed-use design strategies, building commissioning.

GreenPoint Rated only contains a few prerequisites, which makes it very flexible, especially if utilized outside of California. VCA Green serves clients in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Colorado. If you need a GreenPoint Rater in the San Francisco Bay Area, VCA has offices in Oakland. If you need a GreenPoint Rater in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego, Riverside or Orange Counties, VCA has offices in Orange. We look forward to speaking with you about your objectives for GreenPoint Rated.

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