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HERS (Home Energy Rating System)

VCA Green provides California Energy Code Title 24 Home Efficiency Rating System (HERS) field verifications and diagnostic testing. Our in-house HERS Raters also provide verifications for third party rating systems such as LEED, GreenPoint Rated, NGBS and others. VCA Green can also perform HERS verifications as required by utility rebate programs and federal tax incentive programs.

The purpose of HERS testing is to provide third party verification on behalf of the owner. HERS testing can help ensure that installed systems meet the owner’s operational needs, which can save on operational costs and help extend the life of the equipment. The operational performance of HERS tested systems is prescribed by the California Energy Commission through the California Code of Regulations Title 24, Part 6 Energy Standards. Systems that are typically covered include ductwork, HVAC, ventilation, plumbing, and Quality Insulation Installation (QII) for residential projects. For nonresidential projects, duct sealing, low leakage air handlers, and verification of pipe insulation for domestic hot water are covered.

Types of projects that require HERS certification include:

  • Single family residential (condominiums, town homes), multifamily residential – new construction and additions and alterations.
  • New Solar Homes Partnership Program – new construction.
  • California Whole-House Home Energy Rating

HERS testing is performed by VCA Green’s HERS Raters, who are trained by a registered HERS Provider to ensure compliance meets the California Energy Code. HERS Raters are unlike building inspectors because they are trained specifically on testing as it relates to energy standards, while building Inspectors focus on life and safety measures. Furthermore, the HERS Rater is hired by the owner and is not employed by the authority having jurisdiction.

Our HERS Raters can help you with:

  • Duct Leakage Testing
  • Envelope Leakage (Blower Door) Testing
  • Quality Insulation Installation (QII)
  • Refrigerant Charge and Airflow (RCA)
  • Fan Efficacy (Watt Draw)
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) Verification
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Fan Testing
  • Rebate and Tax Incentive Verification
  • Existing building verification of installed systems

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