FAA Embarcadero is part of LVA5 El Segundo 777 Aviation LP

Three-Story Tenant Improvement Project Captures LEED® Silver

FAA Embarcadero ties together contemporary design features, eco-friendly construction practices, and reduction in energy use to create an overall pleasant experience for tenants and visitors.

The project contains 130,415 square feet of office space within a 3-story building located 10 minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport in El Segundo, California.

The tenant improvement features improved landscaping and parking, building system upgrades, and an abundance of other features meant to enhance the occupant experience. Since the project is located in close proximity to community services such as restaurants and medical offices and is also conveniently located near public transportation, FAA Embarcadero embodies an ideal place to establish a workplace.

VCA Green was proud to be the green consultant of record for this innovative project.


LVA5 El Segundo 777 Aviation, LP (LVA5) is committed to social/environmental sustainability and reduced operating costs through utility use reduction. Pursuing LEED for building construction and renovation is a key method to show stakeholder commitment to corporate social responsibility. When done correctly, the business case for LEED yields favorable ROI and increased lease retention.

Value is also derived from better planned, designed, and built properties. LVA5 believes that their LEED certified building can help meet their green initiatives and encourage similar projects to do the same.


Walkable Community
The site was chosen specifically to give tenants greater access to restaurants, culture, transportation, and everyday needs, all within a half-mile walking distance. As a result, the project has been awarded regional priority points, which are identified as credits that address local, environmental, social equity, and public health priorities specific to the project’s regional location.

Water Efficiency
Inside the tenant improvement, efficient fixtures including metered faucets, toilets, and low flow urinals were installed in common office spaces. FAA Embarcadero ultimately achieved 46% increased water savings compared to similar projects and was awarded an additional exemplary performance point for such an esteemed accomplishment. Beyond conserving a vital resource, less water usage reduces long-term operating costs for tenants and ownership.

Energy Efficiency
FAA Embarcadero achieved a 41% lighting power reduction and received an exemplary performance point for meeting such high thresholds. Installing daylight responsive controls for 100% of the regularly occupied project spaces aided in this accomplishment. The project also installed ENERGY STAR rated equipment totaling 90% of all office equipment. These features ultimately lower energy usage and reduce maintenance costs throughout the project.

Sustainable Site
The heat island effect is caused by the sun’s heat striking surfaces such as parking lots, steel, and glass structures which absorbs then radiates heat. To address this, an EnergySmart Roof Membrane made of thermoplastic PVC was installed above the building.

The selected roof surface contains materials with high reflectance that aid in reducing heat absorption. As a result, units are naturally cooler, which means air conditioning systems will operate less, saving tenants on energy costs and reducing wear-and-tear on HVAC equipment.

Materials and Resources
As a way to recycle and/or salvage non-hazardous construction and demolition debris, the team implemented a waste management plan to reduce 91% of all construction waste. The reason for this practice is to divert as many waste materials as possible from being transported to landfills.

To reduce waste once the project is complete, the facility has dedicated areas for collection and storage of recycling. Materials to be addressed are: paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, plastics, and metals.

Additionally, long-term leases were signed by tenants to remain within the project building for a minimum of 10 years. Long term occupants will reduce the environmental impacts of tenancy in regards to relocation and construction activity.

Indoor Environmental Quality
Indoor Environmental Quality is an important factor in green building and contributes to the health and wellbeing of tenants. FAA Embarcadero was designed with this in mind, having created Construction IAQ Management Plans for construction and for the period prior to occupancy.

The project is also a smoke-free building, which reduces exposure of secondhand smoke to occupants and visitors. The MERV 8 air filters are above industry standard which help trap and capture greater amounts of airborne pollutants. Tenants can also enjoy individual lighting controls as well as a comfortable thermal environment that was designed to meet ASHRAE Standards for Thermal Comfort Conditions for Human Occupancy.

Paints, primers, sealants and glues, carpeting and flooring, as well as furniture and seating used on the project contain low quantities of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful when inhaled.

These measures combined help ensure a better indoor environment, increased occupant productivity and wellbeing, and may help minimize a condition known as sick building syndrome.

Project Overview
Facility Type – Commercial Office Tenant Improvement
Facility Size – 318,182 sf (130, 415sf LEED Certified)
Number of Units – 11 suites
Location – El Segundo
Project Highlights:
– Fixture Water Use Reduction – 46%
– Lighting Power Reduction – 40%
– ENERGY STAR Appliances – 90%
– Construction Waste Diverted from Landfills – 91%
– Exemplary performance in optimize energy performance – lighting power and water use reduction LEED Facts – LEED for Commercial Interiors
SILVER: 56 points
– Sustainable Sites – 16/21
– Water Efficiency – 11/11
– Energy & Atmosphere – 20/37
– Materials & Resources – 3/14
– Indoor Environmental Quality – 8/17
– Innovation in Design – 4/6
– Regional Priority – 4/4

Written by: Alina F. Bonto, LEED AP (BD+C & Homes)