VCA Green attended the USGBC’S TRUE (Total Resources Use and Efficiency) Zero Waste Workshop last week as a variety of sustainability professionals from across state and national borders congregated to discuss waste reduction initiatives in businesses, schools, production facilities, etc. Several speakers gave informative presentations regarding food waste programs, recycling efforts, climate and environmental statistics, and other various topics involving the conservation of energy and resources.

Not only does TRUE create opportunities for cleaner and healthier environments, but zero waste efforts make perfect business sense. By reducing unnecessary losses in production and waste disposal, companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year through TRUE process improvements. Businesses can minimize their environmental footprint while saving money, time, and energy at the same time. There is truly no downside to seeking a TRUE Zero Waste certification for your business.

Most notable about this event, however, was the diversity of attendees. Half of the attendees drove in from Tijuana, Mexico all the way to Costa Mesa, California for this event. They were all students of CETYS University, short for Centro de Enseñanza Técnica Y Superior (Center for Technical and Higher Education). These students eagerly attended this event to learn more about the venture of sustainability in private and public practice in order to enrich their knowledge about the subject and become more engaged professionals in their field.

The industry of sustainability, green building, and waste reduction is growing at a rapid pace, extending across international lines and building not only better communities, but a better future as well.

VCA Green rests well within this industry as a provider of consultation in LEED, CALGreen, GPR, energy modeling, HERS ratings, and other related green building services. If you would like to get in touch with VCA Green about these or other business inquiries, please contact Moe Fakih below.

Moe Fakih, Vice President

Contributed by Burke Boydell