SoCalGas has updated their Energy Efficient New Homes (EENH) Program to provide increased and more attainable incentives to builders who install qualifying energy-efficient natural gas appliances and controllers in new residential construction projects.

As a general rule of thumb, higher equipment efficiency means a larger rebate. Eligible projects include single family, low-rise multifamily, and high-rise multifamily homes. The rebate incentives are broken down into two levels – Baseline and Bonus – detailed below.

Baseline Level
Single family homes and multifamily homes at this level require that qualifying appliances be installed in at least three of the following categories:

Single Family Homes Multifamily Homes

(installed between both dwelling units and common areas)

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heating                   X                            X
Natural Gas Space Heating                   X                            X
Qualifying Smart Thermostat                   X                            X
Qualifying Boiler Controller                            X
Natural Gas Fireplace Insert                            X
Natural Gas Pool Heaters                            X
Natural Gas Clothes Dryer                            X


Bonus Level
To qualify for this level, the project must first qualify for the Baseline Level and include the following:

  • Qualifying clothes washer and natural gas clothes dryers installed
  • Thermostatic valves for both baths and showers
  • For multifamily, there is also a rebate available for demand-control recirculating pumps.

It is important to note that rebuilt or reused equipment and controllers are not eligible. Only new equipment and new controller devices are eligible for the EENH Program. The equipment must be installed, operational, and verified by a third party HERS Rater.

Qualifying equipment and applications can be found directly on SoCalGas’ website:

For more information regarding rebates administration and third party rebate verifications, contact VCA Green below:

Moe Fakih, Principal
(714) 363-4700

Contributing Writer: Yvonne Lo, Project Coordinator