On September 14th, USGBC OC Community Market Leader Advisory Board (MLAB) hosted the Community Appreciation Breakfast. Mahesh Ramanujam, USGBC’s CEO, spoke about LEED’s success to date and highlighted newer certification platforms – ARC (tracks existing building consumption metrics) and LEED for Cities.  “Partnership is the new leadership”.  Orange County’s vibrant green building community was recognized as 18 companies were lauded for completing Gold or Platinum level projects/programs.

A key take away is that green building designations are expected to double every 3 years. 

LEED Certification stats & updates shared at the event:

  • 167 Countries & Territories
  • 43,340 Certified Commercial Projects
  • 7 Billion square feet certified
  • 51,430 Registered Commercial Projects
  • 13.8 million projects registered
  • 1.6 million total residential units
  • 2.4 million square feet registered daily
  • 203,000 LEED Professionals worldwide

Read more at https://www.usgbc.org/usgbc-orange-county