blog-6VCA Green’s Director of Sustainability Moe Fakih has earned the designation as National Green Building Standard (NGBS) multi-family verifier.

With this designation for Mr. Fakih, VCA Green now offers its developer and architect clients an additional option to LEED and HERS for green building certification.

The NGBS was developed in 2008 by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) working with the International Code Council to create a national, consensus-based residential green building program. Updated in 2012, the NGBS provides practices for the design, construction, and certification of green multi-family residential buildings, including:

–   high- and low-rise apartment buildings,

–   high- and low-rise condominiums,

–    residential units in mixed-used buildings.

Verifications are available for both new and existing buildings.

NGBS is an additional rating system option some builders choose to provide market differentiation. All rating systems have pros and cons, but with a full commitment to efficiency and smart material use early in design and through construction, a project team can witness benefits no matter which rating system is used.  Having the ability to provide NGBS verification services allows VCA Green to respond better to client needs.

For more information about NGBS verifications and choosing the right green building certification for your project, contact Moe Fakih at (714) 363-4700 or

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