Blue sky above the denver downtown skyline

Can you imagine what your city will look like in 25 years? Chances are, your area won’t have changed that much.

Cushman & Wakefield reported in 2021 that about 80% of the building stock we see in 2050 has already been constructed. Adaptive reuse and building retrofits have become financially optimal and sustainably preferable methods for revitalizing communities. Some cities have implemented incentives or even mandates through code updates to transition away from fossil-fuel-reliant buildings.

The Energize Denver Electrification Program in Denver, Colorado, tackles building electrification for existing buildings in efforts to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and help property owners save on energy costs. One of the program’s pathways requires an Electrification Feasibility Report (EFR) to be submitted to the city as part of a permit application to replace gas-fired equipment in commercial or multifamily buildings.

The EFR analyzes the best options, financially and practically, for a building to successfully transition from gas to all-electric equipment. The report’s intent is to compile estimated equipment consumption, installation costs, utility bill costs and energy and carbon savings resulting from a switch to all-electric.

Though that may seem complicated, VCA Green is certified through the city to assist with the EFRs, making compliance a seamless transition for you and your projects. Contact a VCA principal today to discuss what that process looks like and how we can help.

Moe Fakih, Principal

Robyn Vettraino, Principal