blog-7With the help of VCA Green, University House Fullerton was recently awarded Build it Green’s GreenPoint Rated certification. University House, a 350 unit mixed-use student housing project capable of housing 1,200 students attending California State University, Fullerton. The project achieved 100 Points under the GreenPoint Rated Multifamily program, twice the minimum threshold.

The green building features are a component of the marketing strategy to attract students to the housing project. One key feature is energy savings for residents. The project is designed to be 17% more efficient than the baseline Title-24 project of similar size. Additional energy savings were realized through ENERGY STAR refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes washers. ENERGY STAR ceiling fans in all bedrooms and living rooms were installed to offer a comfort and cost-effective option in lieu of using air conditioning.

University House developers also reduced water use and water costs by installing environmentally friendly landscaping. The project received credit for all except one of the available landscape points. The strategies implemented include using California native and Mediterranean species and grouping plants of similar watering needs. Only a minimal amount of water-hungry turf was planted, and only bubblers and low-spray sprinklers are used for irrigation.

University House received points for several green building measures that were part of basic design considerations for student housing. The project achieved both of the Green Points available for providing bicycle racks and included parking for an additional 20% more bicycles beyond that.

Innovation points were received for furnishing bedrooms with durable steel-framed desks and beds. Metal-framed furnishings are made to last longer than their traditional wood-framed counterparts. When they break or become worn out, the supplier refurbishes the furniture as well. Students can refill reusable bottles at a water purification system which counts and displays the number of water bottles which were saved as a result.

The leasing office is now open. University House Fullerton provides a comfortable and attractive living space for students who enjoy an environmentally conscious space.

The architect of record is Architects Orange.

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