Yesterday at the Verde Exchange Panel, a main topic of discussion was on the reality of achieving carbon neutrality in California by 2045. Currently, California’s grid has 36% renewables and with Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant, about 53% of CA’s grid is carbon free. Achieving 90% to 100% renewable energy will be challenging but achievable.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti discussed the legacy of Kobe Bryant, the housing crisis, the availability of jobs and the concerns around environment. Some key points are as follows:

  • California leads the US in clean energy production.
  • Green jobs helped reduce unemployment by 13%
  • LA’s Green New Deal focuses on trades jobs, zero waste and zero carbon in the energy grid by 2045.
  • 35,000 green jobs added.
  • First zero emission ports.
  • Copenhagen will be first carbon neutral building by 2025.

This is being done through policy and market place drivers – ideally public-private partnership with minimal bureaucracy.