Building practitioners looking to reopen their building during or after COVID-19 shutdowns can cut the learning curve by utilizing WELL’s Health-Safety Rating System.

In response to COVID-19, the International Well Building Institute’s Task Force developed the WELL Health-Safety Rating System to ensure safe reentry into the workspace as well as advocate for long-term change for occupants of all building types.

The rating system focuses on facility operations and management to reduce the risk of disease spread throughout the indoor workplace, and it requires an annual renewal process to ensure these procedures are actively being followed. Each project has the ability to customize and select 15 out of 21 relevant features which fall under the following categories:

    • Cleaning and Sanitization Procedures
    • Emergency Preparedness Programs
    • Health Service Resources
    • Air and Water Quality Management
    • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Note that projects already pursuing WELL Certification can simultaneously incorporate Health-Safety Rating features into their project to earn two certifications at once. Conversely, project teams can also use the Health-Safety Rating system to segue into the broader WELL Rating System.

Ultimately, companies must adapt their current operational practices in the face of a global pandemic to provide its workers with a safe and healthy environment in which to thrive. Please also see VCA Green’s previous blog post on how companies can also combat COVID-19 in the workplace using ASHRAE Standards.

For more information on how to give your building a proper wellness check before reentry, contact Moe Fakih below.

Contributing Writer: Alina Bonto, Assistant Project Manager

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