Moe Fakih, VCA Green’s Principal, recently attended a seminar hosted by AIA in Culver City, CA regarding the advent of zero net energy (ZNE) within new construction projects. The event (organized by AIA) featured a prestigious panel and held a large turnout as numerous interested architects sought to learn more about the California Energy Efficiency Strategy Plan and how developers and designers can better prepare for stricter energy regulations.

As California implements higher standards of efficiency with each code cycle, building owners and managers must be made aware of the upcoming challenges since these new benchmarks will strongly impact usual design methods and processes. Moe spoke about the obstacles that energy designers will face in the future and how they can better utilize the tools at their disposal for complying with these new standards. He also emphasized that, while zero net energy is quite difficult to achieve, incremental progress over time will allow markets to adjust.  Moe also mentioned that architects will have to act as educators for their stakeholders in order to illustrate how to meet CA’s aggressive energy goals.

This seminar is part of an ongoing series organized by AIA Los Angeles and the AIA|LA Committee On The Environment (COTE). For more information about the next ZNE seminar or other upcoming events, you can visit their websites here:


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